Physical Education (P.E) at Bass Valley Primary School is an all-encompassing term, including fitness skills, Fundamental Skills Program, gymnastics, recreation, health and appropriate values and knowledge. The P.E lessons aim to develop student resilience, respect and sportsmanship as well as their personal and social skills. Students progress from developing basic motor skills to complex motor skills that form part of team games. Every student attending Bass Valley Primary School participates in two hours of specialist PE lessons each week. Students in grade 3-6 also enjoy an additional one hour of Sport per week with a focus on Minor and Major Games.

Bass Valley Primary School is fortunate to have a 12 metre heated swimming pool on site. As a result we are able to offer a comprehensive and inclusive swimming program aimed at enhancing student water safety, confidence, survival skills and competitive swimming strokes. The students also learn about water safety for a range of aquatic environments such as pools, beaches, rivers and around the home. This includes safe entries, self-preservation, using rescue aides and personal floatation devices. All students from grade P-6 also participate in a school swimming carnival held in term four with an emphasis on maximum participation and enjoyment.