At Bass Valley we have a long history of active and committed parents making up our School Council.

A School Council is the body that handles all official business relating to the school.

In partnership with the Principal, the School Council is responsible for decisions about the maintenance of school grounds, equipment and buildings. The School Council also has a role in fundraising for the school and spending all funds raised by parents and additional money provided in the form of grants and allowances from the Department of Education and Training (DET).

School Council membership is made up of parent and DET representatives. At times, co-opted members from the wider community can be on School Council to contribute particular expertise or skills. Elections are held at the end of March with half of the parent members and half of the DET members retiring each year. The Principal is the Executive Officer.

A main purpose of all School Council activities is to increase communication between the parents, staff and School Council at Bass Valley Primary School. School Council also aims to promote an inclusive and welcoming school community.

At Bass Valley Primary School, our School Council has an important role in communicating and shaping our school values and expectations. We aim to build a connected and inclusive school community.

The Council, through the powers and duties bestowed upon it, is able to:

  • carry out improvements to the educational and physical environment at Bass Valley to achieve a stimulating learning environment for all students
  • provide a direct link in communicating the school communities views and ideas to the Department of Education and Training
  • plan for and bring improvements which you see as desirable to the notice of the school and the Department of Education and Training.