There are a number of programs and supports that help ease the transition of students from primary school to high school.

At Bass Valley Primary School, students in grade 6 are provided with the opportunity to take on leadership roles. These leadership roles include: school captain, bus captain, arts captain, environment captain and house captain. Students that take up these leadership opportunities have set responsibilites that they undertake throughout the year.

Senior students also participate in a ‘Fantastic Racers’ day at the local secondary college. Students are given a kit and must build their own battery powered racer which they race against students from other local primary schools. This program gives students the opportunity to build relationships with students that they may be attending high school with the following year, and also to familiarise themselves with the secondary college. Prizes are awarded for the straightest racer, the fastest racer and the best designed racer.

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There is also a surfing day for the grade 6 students where they learn the basics of how to surf. This is supported by the local secondary college.

Wonthaggi Seconday College runs an information evening at the school in term 2 each year for parents and students.

Orientation Day is held at secondary colleges towards the end of term 4 each year.