Auslan, or ‘Australian Sign Language‘ is the majority sign language of the Australian Deaf community, and uses hand, arm and body movements to express meaning. Auslan was first recognised by the Australian Government as an official language in 1991. From Prep to grade 6, our students study Auslan to enable them to communicate with those who are hard of hearing.

According to the Victorian Curriculum, Auslan:

  • broadens students’ understanding that each language is an integrated, evolving system for the framing and communication of meaning; and encourages understanding of the role of language as an expression of cultural and personal identity and a shaper of perspectives
  • contributes to the overall curriculum intent by providing distinctive real-life and intellectual opportunities for students to expand their engagement with the wider world and to reflect on the cultural and social assumptions that underpin their own world view and language use. Such awareness of different perspectives is an integral part of effective communication
  • contributes to the development of critical thinking and the ability to adapt to change and equips students with learning strategies and study habits that are the foundation not only for lifelong learning but also for any subsequent language learning.